Here are some of my songs, scroll down for more.

Container project:

“Container” is my graduation project. I composed & produced 9 songs, to be sung by 9 different vocalists. Most of the recordings took place in a sea-container, where I lived for a year.

Lead Vocals (in track order): Paulina Dubaj, Erik van der Horst, Marjolein Voortman, Thijs Poorterman, Aline Bruijns, Ben Lammerts van Bueren, Sietske Roscam Abbing, Polle Vrienten, Jeditah van der Meulen.
Erik van Woudenberg: Songwriting, Production, Lyrics, Guitars, Basses, Synths, Piano’s, Flutes, BGV, Percussion, Programming & Artwork.
Joeri van Dongen: Mix, Cajon // Bram Koedam: Lyrics for “Pocket Change” & “Silken Solitude”
Fiora Beuger: Accordeon // Bart Stellinga: Acoustic Bass // Wabe Wieringa: co-composing for “Through it all”