MTV was launched and 2 years later, Erik van Woudenberg decided to be born. As soon as he was able to operate the remote control, he was addicted to the channel. At age 12, he picked up a guitar and a week later he wrote his first song. He immediately started composing & playing in for bands (styles ranging from rock, soul, punk, jazz, pop, metal) and discovered that he wanted to spent as much time as possible with writing, playing & making music.

During his first master at the Utrecht School Of Arts (Master of Arts, focussing on Film Music) he already composed commercials at his internship that were broadcasted nationally for several years. During his second master (Master of Music, focussing on songwriting) he won a finalist prize at the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2008, was nominated for several other prizes, wrote music for short films that would win the HKU Award, got nominated at the Dutch Film Festival & International Film Festival Breda and recorded an album with his Electro-Rock trio “Electric AlleyCat”. Besides composing he also produced and assisted for films that would win the “Gouden Film” (Golden Film Award), and the Wildcard prize. His graduation project was an album with songs that he wrote, produced and recorded in a container.

Nowadays, and multiple years of MTV later, he strives to make creative music. Collaborating with different sorts of people, working with instrumentalists, combining it with electronics, and writing songs that always look to be slightly different than all the things we heard before.